E-waste management.

We implement a program that ensures all obsolete ICT equipment in schools is handled in an environmentally friendly manner and no equipment is dumped carelessly by the schools. We also raise awareness in schools about the dangers of e-waste to human life and the environment…………

As technology advances new and better electronic devices are being produced to replace old technology and in turn, rapidly phasing out old ones. This rapid product innovations and replacement, especially in ICT and office equipment, have given birth to "electronic garbage" also known as electronic waste. In Uganda, adoption of ICT is growing than ever before and like in other 3rd world countries the growth in the use of electronics is posing a very big challenge because of lack of capacity to handle electronic waste.

CFSU understands this concern and in order to prevent possible ecological issues from such e-waste, a program was initiated to collect obsolete computer equipment from various institutions and schools for proper handling as part of social responsibility to the community

Local and international partnerships are created with CfSU and Government to undertake this concern and find possible solutions to the e-waste that still lies unattended to in

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