EPP Activities

CfSU is involved in building teachers' capacity as a way of making them teachers with a difference.

CfSU believes that one way of making a difference is through making the teaching and learning of English language since it is the medium of instruction.

It is aa common beliefe that English language is key to passing all subjects thus improving literacy and numeracy levels.

Through the EPP project, CfSU retools teachers in non-conventional innovative methods an approach that empowers teachers leading to pupil centred lessons.

That aside, the project also encourages extra curricular activities such as debate, writing, drawing and music dance and drama as a way of teaching English language.

The program also works with Core PTCs who integrate the non-conventional innovative methods with their own thus making seasoned teachers for the region and the country at large.

This is a program that involves all stake holders of the region, this way paving way for sustainability after the project span.

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Computer for Schools Uganda has helped my school reach greater heights .

- Byron - Head Master

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