Preventive maintenance

Schools are acquiring computers and setting up computer labs to create an environment for the use of ICT in schools. We have designed a comprehensive preventive maintenance program where technicians perform onsite maintenance of ICT equipment in schools……….

A greater part of computer failure in schools can be traced to the lack of technical skills by teachers, or a mismatch between the skills of the teachers and those required for maintaining computers.

Most of the teachers in the schools are not able to carry out basic computer troubleshooting and servicing. This is the main reason for giving technical training to the teacher/lab attendant. For purposes of extending the life of computers in schools, CFSU implements a comprehensive preventive maintenance program (PMP) for the computers deployed in educational institutions. During this time technicians visit the school at least once every term to service computers, repair and also empower the computer lab attendant with technical skills to solve the day to day ICT problems at the school. During this exercise, teachers/lab attendants are also introduced to new technology that has been installed at the institutions and further training is organized where necessary for teachers to get acquainted with the technology.

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Computer for Schools Uganda has helped my school reach greater heights .

- Byron - Head Master

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